Some big names with big influence were part of the line-up at southwestern Ontario's largest annual tech conference.

In the fast-changing world of new media, what does the future hold? CTV's Daiene Vernile speaks to the Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington, and Neil Pasricha, creator of the hugely popular 1000 Awesome Things web site.


Every year, about 30,000 migrant farm workers arrive in Canada to perform work that many Canadians don't want to do.

A recent horrific crash in Hampstead, Ontario, that killed 9 foreign workers, has raised questions about the working and living conditions they face.

Find out why some Waterloo researchers are calling for improved treatment of migrant workers.


The 1920s ushered in the Jazz Age, shorter hemlines, and a catastrophic stock market crash. But, it also introduced us to a new subculture in society - the teenager.

A dazzling new exhibit at the Waterloo Region Museum explores a century of life as a Canadian teenager - from "the flapper" to "saggy pants."