KITCHENER -- Traffic congestion at Conestoga College's Doon campus is causing growing frustration.

The bus bay at the school is causing traffic jams and commuter chaos on a daily basis.

The Region of Waterloo plans to relocate the bus bay, which would reduce the number of vehicles in the area and better accommodate transit.

Right now, the bay is at entrance three, but the region wants to move it to parking lot six. The only catch: it'll cost about 200 parking spaces.

"That way the busses don't have to come on site. They can just come into the station and right back out onto Doon Valley Drive," explains Senior Director of Facility Tim Schill.

"This way they come off of Doon Valley Drive by the recreation centre and they have to go through all the traffic, stop here, pick up and unload and then get off site. So it can take a long time at certain times of day."

As it stands, buses have to drive through campus to get to the bus depot, making it difficult for the buses to then get off site.

The road in the area is very narrow, making it a tight space for vehicles and transit to share.

The region is holding a public consultation meeting at the college tonight to discuss the options to address the issue.