“The Original is staying open!”

But don’t celebrate just yet, a news release from the Princess Original warns.

The theatre announced in April that it was being edged out of its 34-year tenancy at the Huether Hotel over rising insurance and tax costs.

“Our insurance went up by 30 per cent for the building, our taxes went up close to $25,000, so obviously everything goes up,” explained Huether Hotel general manager Kelly Adlys at the time.

The hotel later denied reports that it had a new tenant signed on who would pay double the rent and welcomed the Princess Original to renegotiate its terms.

“Our weekly negotiations with the Huether Hotel appear to be going well and they have encouraged us to promote the fact that we will be staying on; however, we have learned that we are completely vulnerable without a lease,” a news release from May 15 reads in part on the Princess Original’s website.

The theatre says it is in negotiations for a long-term lease.

On its website, the theatre says it has begun scheduling movies into June and says it plans to print a film guide that would extend until near the end of July—the vacate notice they had originally been issued would have had them out by June 1.

“Thank you for your continued support and solidarity! We are hopeful but we must keep our powder dry,” the Princess Original says.

The Huether Hotel would not confirm any updates to the situation.

The owner of the Princess, John Tutt, did not respond to phone or email requests for comment.