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Police search home after man injured with explosive


Police searched a residence just east of downtown Guelph Monday after a man hurt himself with a homemade explosive device.

On Sunday morning, officers were called to Guelph General Hospital about a 27-year-old man who was being treated for hand injuries.

Investigators determined he had hurt himself when an improvised explosive went off. He was arrested and charged with possessing an explosive device.

A member of Waterloo Regional Police Service's Explosives Disposal Team is seen on Ontario Street in Guelph on April 15, 2024. (Dave Pettitt/CTV Kitchener)

Speaking Monday, police spokesperson Scott Tracey said there’s no indication the man planned to use the device for anything specific.

“[It appears] he enjoys making and detonating these devices just for his own enjoyment, there’s no indication at this point that there was any more nefarious plan than that,” Tracey said.

Police are seen on Manitoba Street in Guelph on April 15, 2024. (Dave Pettitt/CTV Kitchener)

Officers believe the device was detonated near Eramosa River, at the end of Waterworks Place. No one else was hurt.

On Monday morning, police closed two streets in The Ward while officers searched a home in the area. The Waterloo Regional Police Service's Explosives Disposal Team was also called in to assist.

"There’s concern, of course, that were could be other materials or full devices inside the residence, which is why – out of an abundance of caution – they’re doing the search warrant here just to make sure that it is safe" Tracey said.

The accused is expected in court next month. Top Stories

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