One man is dead after a two-vehicle crash at Trussler Road and Cedar Creek Road in North Dumfries on Friday night.

Police say a van with four occupants and a pickup truck holding only a driver collided and ejected two passengers from the van.

One of those people ejected ended up pinned under a vehicle and later died.

The other passenger ejected suffered minor injuries.

The driver of the van is a 56-year-old man from Nova Scotia.

He has been charged with careless driving causing death.

The driver of the truck is a 57-year-old man from Bright Ontario.

Police say he was over the legal alcohol limit and was charged with impaired driving causing death.

The mayor of North Dumfries, Sue Foxton says the victim was from Jamaica.

There have been several crashes at this intersection over the past year.

“I constantly am hearing from my constituents about the concerns of this intersection and last night highlighted it,” says Foxton.

She says the region plans to put in traffic lights soon and she is requesting an earlier installation date in light of the fatality.