A Guelph police officer who pleaded guilty in criminal court to assaulting a teen will soon find out if he will be reprimanded or dismissed from the police force.

Last year, Const. Corey McArthur admitted to elbow striking a 17 year old who was handcuffed to a hospital bed. Court heard that the teen was on crystal meth and threatened to harm himself.

The incident was caught on camera, where McArthur elbowed the teen after getting kneed.

In the fall of 2018, McArthur was given a conditional discharge, three years’ probation and community service.

During the sentencing hearing, court heard that post-traumatic stress disorder played a role in the incident.

In 2013, Const. Jennifer Kovack was killed while responding to McArthur’s request for backup.

A Police Services Act hearing against McArthur took place in Guelph on Wednesday morning.

The hearing lasted only minutes—it’s not a criminal matter, but will determine if McArthur is guilty or not of discreditable conduct under the act.

McArthur did not enter a plea, with his lawyer requesting an adjournment to look at the evidence.

McArthur will be pleading guilty or not guilty to discreditable conduct as a next step.

If he pleads guilty, hearings will take place to determine his penalty. If he pleads not guilty, then there will be a Police Services Act trial.