An Elmira dairy farmer who was injured in a devastating crash near Saskatoon is now recovering from surgery.

Henk Schuurmans and his wife Bettina were travelling across the country in their tractor to promote Canadian dairy. On Monday, their tractor was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer. Bettina didn’t survive the crash.

Henk was injured but the extent of his injuries has not been revealed.

On Wednesday his son said in a tweet that Henk would be having surgery in the morning.

He also thanked the community for their support.

The couple's children have also set up a memorial at the site of the crash to honour the memory of their mother. It includes Bettina's photo, flowers, a Canadian flag and milk sign.

Meanwhile a GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $40,000 for funeral and transportation costs for the family.