Here are the Ward 2 candidates running in the 2022 City of Guelph municipal election.

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Elia Morrison

Elia Morrison has not yet replied to the CTV News survey.

Carly Klassen

Carly Klassen

Who are you?

I’m Carly Klassen – I own a small business downtown Guelph called The Sage Soap Company. I’m an active volunteer in our community and sit on The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Guelph Business Association and often volunteer for various organizations in our community. I am community-focused and hardworking.

 Why are you running?

I’m running in this election because I’m qualified and want the job. A lot has been a lot on pause over the last two years and our economy has changed –as we enter a post-pandemic world, I see the need for people who can get work done. My career has been focused on helping businesses, non-profits and charities create and organize marketing strategies. I know how to analyze and synthesize information, negotiate, compromise and make decisions. I like working with people and seeing projects through to completion.

Billy Cottrell

Billy Cottrell has not yet replied to the CTV News survey.

Raymond Sartor

Raymond Sartor

Who are you?

Raymond Sartor was born and raised in Guelphs Ward 2 with family in Guelph for over 100 years.

He resides in Ward 2 and cares about Guelph .

Sartor works smart and has had a highly successful business career, owning several profitable

companies employing many people. Sartor has travelled the world extensively and has lived in Paris Mexico and China while lecturing business at University in Xi’an .

Raymond has come full circle choosing to return to live and invest in his hometown of Guelph.

He would be honoured to receive your vote!

Why are you running?

I am running because Mayor Cam Guthrie asked me to run in Ward 2 and because I was exclusively endorsed by former Guelph MP Frank Valerite.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the City of Guelph and how do you plan to address it?

Guelph is a wonderful city but it has some challenges.

Guelph needs a new second Hospital and I plan to do everything I can do to insure that the municipality has fulfilled its “ local share “ requirements which will include shovel ready plans to fast track provincial approval.

I will also vote to insure that constituents are properly taken care of by reducing silly red tape and making sure that every tax paying dime is accounted for.

I would be honoured to receive your vote.

Ray Ferraro

Ray Ferraro has not yet replied to the CTV News survey.

Morgan Dandie

Dandie did not submit a photo with the survey answers.

Who are you?

I am Morgan Dandie and I am a connector; I connect concepts and community in a caring fashion. I believe, as Mary Kay Ash taught, everyone wears a sign which says "Make me feel important". I am involved in the community, create connections with people and provide service to neighbours.

Why are you running?

I love my chosen city of Guelph! After five years researching which parts of the city would work best for my life, I chose Ward 2 in 2014.

Since then, I have become involved in many aspects of the community, and want to be a Councillor for Ward 2 in order to provide service to people at the level of government closest to their day-to-day life.

My privilege has provided me the opportunity to amplify the efforts of local 2SLGBTQ+, Indigenous and Black community members and to bring true history to the fore.

I believe my lived experience will allow me to be a strong voice for groups who have not always felt welcome in “The Halls of Power” as well as those traditionally heard.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the City of Guelph and how do you plan to address it?

The most pressing issue facing Guelph, is affordability - of shelter, food and health care, acknowledging that mental health services, dental care and vision care are all healthcare. To address the issue of affordability, we need to talk about Social Services, which were downloaded to municipalities by the provincial government some time ago.

Guelph has an agreement with Wellington County whereby the CIty is wholly responsible for providing Emergency Medical Response for Wellington and Guelph, while the County is wholly responsible for providing all Social Services. To address the barriers to Guelphites in achieving affordability, especially for those living in legislated poverty, we need a closer working relationship amongst the Social Services Committee, City Staff and Council. We must continue to advocate to upper levels of government for appropriate levels of funding to provide our population with dignity even when facing the most difficult periods in their lives.

If elected, I commit to attending Social Services Committee meetings, even if I am only able to be present as a community member due to the structure of the current Committee. Being an advocate to the provincial and federal government is something I wish to explore as well.

Rodrigo Goller

Rodrigo Goller

Who are you?

I'm a longtime Guelphite, a husband, father and home owner in Ward 2. I’m also a community engagement professional, an experienced public servant, and a former downtown Guelph small business owner. I have extensive volunteering experience in Guelph and was elected as a Ward 2 Guelph City Councillor in 2018.

Why are you running?

I love Guelph. My first term as a Ward 2 Councillor was both challenging and rewarding, and I would be honoured to earn your vote in this election.

I am running for re-election because we need accessible and accountable leadership at Guelph City Council. We need Councillors who prioritise listening to constituents and representing everyone in our Wards. I keep my constituents informed via monthly email newsletters and I take the time to listen, to understand your priorities, and to consider how the decisions we make today will impact Guelph residents and businesses in the short and long-term.

We need to work together to advance our shared vision for Guelph as an inclusive, connected, prosperous city where we look after each other and our environment.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing the City of Guelph and how do you plan to address it?

We are experiencing unprecedented climate change, coming out of a global pandemic, and facing a regional housing affordability crisis.

We need to work together as a community to achieve our carbon reduction goals, while we focus on increasing the housing stock in Guelph. We also need to revisit our definitions of affordable rental and home ownership.

While we are currently meeting our target for ‘affordable housing’, the City defines ‘affordable housing’ as housing that cost 80% of market value. Unfortunately even 80% of market value rent is not affordable for community members who live on minimum wage income. Guelph has also not built any social or rent-geared-to-income housing since 2005.

We need to start building new social housing in Guelph. Guelph City Council also needs to reduce bylaw restrictions to allow more rental units to be built in existing homes (for example, by removing parking requirements for rental units), and we need to allow existing houses to be converted into multi-family residential units (triplex and fourplex homes).

City Council should also allow non-profit affordable housing to be built as-of-right in all zones. This would for example allow churches to build affordable housing in their properties without requiring a zoning change.

Rob Osburn

Rob Osburn has not yet replied to the CTV News survey.