Guelph mayoral candidates are talking about the south end of the city as Election Day approaches.

The development and growth of the area is on the minds of many voters and the two mayoral hopefuls have heard about it.

“People want to see council take a step back… and really think about what kind of development are we looking at,” says Guelph mayoral candidate, Aggie Mlynarz.

“Anyone that suggests they have free reign and build whatever they want is absolutely not correct,” says Guelph incumbent mayor, Cam Guthrie.

The area has seen growth recently and local business owners say they have also seen the homeless and addicted population grow.

Guthrie wants to spend an extra $775,000 a year on policing and prevention programs.

“It is about petty theft. It is about safer neighbors, which includes the mental health issue,” says Guthrie.

Mlynarz doesn’t fully agree.

“People don’t want to see police officers as the front and last line to a mental health crisis,” Mlynarz says.

Both candidates also say parks and green space are issues in both urban and suburban Guelph.

With reporting from Max Wark