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Maternity leave behind temporary closure of Listowel, Ont.’s obstetrics department

Listowel Memorial Hospital

A hospital in Listowel, Ont. is temporarily shutting down its obstetrics department because too many of its registered nurses will be off on maternity leave.

The Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance made the announcement on its website Monday.

They said six of the eight full-time registered nurses at Listowel Memorial Hospital will soon be off work and, as a result, the department which cares for pregnant patients and babies will be closing until mid-September.

“The hospital, physicians, nurses and midwives supporting obstetrical care in Listowel are all extremely passionate about this program, and are strongly committed to reopening as soon as we have sufficient staffing,” the statement on their website read. “Patients and families can expect conversations with their primary care or obstetrics provider regarding their care options during this temporary service interruption.”

The ended the post with the following: “We will be back.” Top Stories

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