KITCHENER -- Warning: Some for the details in this article may be graphic or disturbing.

The man accused of killing a security guard at the downtown Guelph train station earlier this year has been found not criminally responsible.

Jordan Langelier, 21, was on trial for second-degree murder in the death of Mario Ruffolo.

"Became psychotic and victimized," Langelier's lawyer Brennan Smart said. "A person who by all accounts was a warm, generous, good person."

The violent incident happened when Ruffolo, 63, was working as a guard at the train station on Jan. 15. That's when the guard was violently assaulted and killed by Langelier.

"Mr. Ruffolo, a VIA Rail security guard, was seen on video giving a cigarette to Jordan Langelier," Smart said.

At the time, the older man was remembered as quiet, easygoing and passionate about horses. He was active in Ontario's equestrian community.

On Wednesday, there was a trial where an agreed statement of facts was read aloud.

The statement describes security footage where Ruffolo appears to reach into his pocket after offering a cigarette to Langelier. That's when Langelier punches him, causing Ruffolo to fall backwards.

Court documents say Langelier continue to punch the man in the head, as many as 30 times. Moments later, Langelier kicked and stomped on Ruffolo's head.

Langelier later told police that he believed Ruffolo was a pedophile and that Jesus told him to do it.

In an agreed statement of facts, it states that Langelier did indeed commit the act, but wasn't criminally responsible because of a court assessment acknowledging that Langelier was suffering from a mental disorder.

At the brief hearing, the judge agreed, and found him not criminally responsible for Ruffolo's death.

"The tragedy that unfolded was disturbing for anybody who was involved with the case," Smart said.

The case is now referred to the Ontario Review Board to determine within 45 days where Langelier will be held for treatment. He will then have assessments every year to determine his next steps.