A Kitchener man who has trained cyclists for the Olympics and Tour de France is recovering after being struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle on Ira Needles Boulevard in Waterloo.

Frank Fogolin is still recovering in hospital after being thrown from his bike on Sunday afternoon after being clipped by a passing car.

His wife, Janet Fogolin, says this is the first time in his long cycling career that he’s been hit by a car. The only other times he has fallen were during races.

“When you see [cyclists] ahead of you, you have to slow down. It doesn’t matter how much traffic is behind you,” she says.

Frank suffered a separated should, a head injury and some memory loss and it is expected to be some time before he fully recovers.

Leigh Hobson, who spent countless hours training with Frank for the Olympics in Beijing, says the news was tough to hear.

“I was devastated,  you know you hear about people getting in accidents all the time, but when it’s someone this close to you it hits you even harder.”

It has been an unfortunate reminder to cyclists about the dangers they face.

Andy Cox, the owner of King Street Cycles in Waterloo, says “If an experienced cyclist like [Frank] can get hit on Ira Needles, anybody can.”

Looking at the helmet Frank was wearing, Janet says she counted 19 cracks inside. She believes it is the reason things aren’t a lot worse.

She also says Frank is in good spirits and is “determined to get back on his bike as soon as possible.”

Fineas Stoia, a 26-year-old Kitchener man, has been charged with careless driving in the case and made a court appearance earlier in the week.