A 22-year-old man started screaming at a stranger, forced his way into the stranger’s vehicle, and damaged paramedics’ equipment after he was arrested, Brantford Police say.

The bizarre incident brought police to the Richmond Street area Monday night.

According to police, it started around 9 p.m., when a man heard a stranger knock on his living room window and start screaming.

The man then walked away from the house, and the resident – out of concern for the stranger’s well-being – called 911 and followed the man in his vehicle.

After that, the stranger allegedly came up to the vehicle and started kicking it, then reached through the window and grabbed the driver by his collar.

When the driver rolled up his window, the other man alleged grabbed a knife and stabbed at the window enough times to break the glass.

At that point, the man in the car drove away from the other man, who police soon caught up with.

Police say the man resisted arrest, and damaged equipment in an ambulance that was taking him to hospital for examination. The damage was significant enough that the ambulance was taken out of service.

A Brantford resident is now facing charges of assault with a weapon, mischief, obstructing police and other offences.