Disturbing new allegations have come forth in a Wellesley double murder trial.

Glenn Bauman is accused of killing his common-law wife and her 13-year-old daughter eight years ago.

Last week, Bauman stood before a pool of potential jurors and said he was not guilty.

Christopher Hicks, Bauman’s lawyer, says the judge gave the jury strict instructions about the opening statement.

“By reminding the jury that what lawyers say and what judges say is not evidence. The evidence comes from the witnesses and the evidence,”

In its opening statement, the Crown alleges that Bauman murdered Linda and Cheyenne Daniel in 2011 in the home they shared.

The two were last seen in 2011 but they weren’t reported missing until 2015.

Andrew Cherewka, Linda Daniel's son, testified Wednesday that Bauman called him in July 2011.

Cherewka says Bauman told him, "Your mom left in the middle of the night. She took your sister. The bank was drained. The credit cards were maxed."

The jury heard that Cherewka believed that his mother and sister simply left. He testified that he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to impaired driving causing death in October 2013. He says that, when he was released, his parole officer encouraged him to report his mother and sister missing.

He then allegedly burned their remains in two barrels in the backyard and moved to Alberta to start a new life as a truck driver.

The Crown’s case will include evidence of an undercover sting where two police officers travelled out west, an operation that led to Bauman’s arrest.

The jury was told that the case could take up to eight weeks or more.