Dozens of supporters of Seble Dietrich gathered outside a courthouse in Guelph on Wednesday, in advance of the first court appearance by her accused killer.

Dietrich, who also used the name ‘Mimi,’ was last seen in July 2014. Her vehicle was found outside the downtown cafe that she owned.

Although she was known to travel outside Canada, friends called the prolonged disappearing “mind-boggling.”

Tuesday night, Guelph Police announced that a 43-year-old Guelph man had been charged with first-degree murder in connection with her disappearance.

Stephan Dietrich made a brief court appearance Wednesday. He also faces a charge of obstructing police.

Maintaining a straight-faced expression while wearing a yellow construction shirt and jeans, he asked for the proceedings to take place in German and was told he could request an interpreter.

Stephan Dietrich was Seble Dietrich husband, friends told CTV News.

Police say they have yet to find Dietrich's body, and have set up a presence at an address on Vancouver Drive in connection with the case.