Kitchener is allocating $7 million from the federal Gas Tax Fund to parks and recreation across the city.

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic made the announcement on Friday at the Victoria Hills Community Centre.

In its 2019 budget, the federal government announced a one-time doubling of the Gas Tax Fund to cities, which is what's happening here.

"The one-time doubling of the federal Gas Tax Fund is a direct injection of much needed funds that will help move important local parks and recreation projects forward so our community can be an even better place to live, work and play," Vrbanovic said in a statement.

The city will be using this increased funding to move important local parks and recreation upgrades forward:

  • Replacing the Vanier Park Splash Pad with new fixtures that are more fun for the kids
  • Improvements to the soccer field and parking facilities at the popular Woodside Park
  • New lighting, backstops and bleachers for many of our sports fields across the city
  • Investing in roof replacements for The Aud and Victoria Hills Community Centre
  • Replacing the HVAC system at the Breithaupt Centre
  • And investing in upgrades in parks across the city