A cloud of smoke hovered over Kitchener City Hall Saturday afternoon.

“We finally reached a point where we can do this in public,” said celebration attendee Kyle Dufty. “We don’t have to be afraid or fearful of consequences.”

Many gathered at the location to celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday “420”: the first one since cannabis was legalized in Canada.

“This is the first one that the city has approved,” said Kitchener Cannabis Club member Tony Millar. “Before it was a protest. We would rally out front.”

It was wet and rainy outside, but the weed came freshly pressed thanks to the rosin press on scene. The device turns bud into oil.

“We’re extracting the best part and leaving the rest that we don’t want,” said club member Jeff Morrison.

Local head shops were also celebrating the big day. Customers at Different Strokes in Waterloo can get up to 40 per cent off all weekend.

The Kitchener Cannabis Club says that while they’re happy to be celebrating instead of protesting, there’s still a long way to go when it comes to education.

“There’s a lot of stuff people don’t know between dabs and safe consumption,” said Millar.

Bars and shops in uptown Waterloo plan to celebrate with special musical performances throughout the day at different venues.