KITCHENER -- Staggered entry and delayed start dates for students in Waterloo Region could create child care challenges for parents.

On Monday night, the Waterloo Region District School Board announced it was pushing back the start date for elementary students for another week.

Some parents said they'll be able to get child care support from family and friends, while others said they'll be able to keep their children in day camp for a few more days.

Leslie Ciampaglia said child care will be a real challenge.

"There's a lot of parents that are like, well, I don't know what I'm going to do," she said.

She's scrambling to find care for her daughter, who's going into senior kindergarten a week later than expected.

"It's very stressful right now," Ciampaglia said. "I'm kind of calling everybody I know on my phone."

"I don't have a ton of family that can just drop everything."

She said the delay is adding to the pressure she's been facing most of the year.

"Our camp was cancelled, then we had to find other camps, and you're struggling to put them in, like I had to put her in two different camps," Ciampaglia said.

The WRDSB acknowledged the potential for child care challenges at the meeting on Monday night, adding the decision was a necessary one.

"It allows us during the week of the 8th to really provide a transition period," Chief Communications Officer Alana Russell said.

Ciampaglia is exploring every available option to find care for her daughter, including taking more time off work. She's hoping there won't be delays down the road.

The cities of Waterloo and Cambridge said they don't plan to extend their camps to cover the delay.