GUELPH -- Pokemon cards are gaining popularity once again, as the cost for the trading cards climbs.

"First edition Charizards in mint shape are going for, in the six-figure range,” Lookin’ For a Hero comic book store manager, Jacob Brenner said.

“Pokemon has been a crazy one over the last six months.”

Brenner, said he's had plenty of calls for cards lately, including new ones.

“It's been pretty crazy to see cards that hit the shelf and they're impossible to find and people are cracking them open and posting online and getting good money for them right away," he said.

Glenn Bozic started collecting when he was just five years old and recently sold most of it.

“I just collected the cards. I didn’t actually a battle with them. I just thought they looked cool,” Bozic said.

He says he sold just over 1,000 cards, and made a profit of $850. His most expensive card was a Gold Star Celebi, which went for $240.

Kiyan Wijesinghe also recently sold his collection.“They were collecting dust in my room for the longest time,” he said.

So, Wijesinghe decided to see what they were worth.

He ended up getting $885 for his 800 cards.

"So really, not that much but it is better than them lying around collecting dust," he said.

Wijesinghe sold his collection to a GTA comic book store knowing his cards were of lesser value because he often played with them as a child and didn’t keep them in top shape.

He strongly suggests that if you do have a good quality card or collection, it may be beneficial to get them professionally graded. Wijesinghe did not have his graded but was told by store staff that two of his 800 cards were inauthentic, which came as a shock to him.

Brenner says only rare cards in near perfect condition will sell for the most amount of money. “

For the buyer especially, you know what you’re getting,” he added.

“I just want to let people know if they are considering selling their cards make sure to not get your hopes up because the sentimental value is probably worth more than the market value of the cards,” Wijesinghe said.

The rising popularity of Pokemon seems to be sparked by the franchise’s ability to stay in the spotlight. The Pokemon television show and recent movie are available on streaming platforms and remain popular.

Brenner mentioned that people who grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s are sharing their past love, with the next generation.

“I was five when I started playing and for a lot of people my age, they've got kids that are five and 10 years old now,” Brenner added.

For millennials like Wijesinghe, and Bozic, a hot market and the promise of fast cash were major factors for deciding to sell their collections now.

“I am going to invest it cryptocurrency,” Wijesinghe said.

“I just got married, about a one year ago. Me and my wife are just kind of saving up for a house and this was a good way to get some extra cash,” Bozic answered.