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'I want a peaceful future': Kitchener stands in solidarity with hostages in Gaza


Demonstrators at a rally outside Kitchener city hall Sunday were demanding the release of hostages in Gaza. A group of about 50 people gathered to mourn the victims.

The group was surrounded by countless images and items, each representing a hostage being held in Gaza.

"We are having a ceremony in our own community… to remember the dead but also to call for the hostages to come home," said organizer Amit Hochman.

The rally was held in the heart of downtown Kitchener by the local Jewish and Israeli communities. It was inspired by a global movement, including a live link with Israel and communities around the world.

"[It] is being broadcast from Jerusalem but is being joined with and participated with communities all around the world," Hochman said.

Several local leaders and activists addressed the crowd, emphasizing the importance of unity in advocating for the release of the hostages.

"It's hard but it's important, you know, there's a sad beauty to these moments when the community comes together to support each other like this," Michael Lopez, board member of the Temple Shalom, said.

Some people at the Kitchener rally shared stories of resilience and highlighted the need for open dialogue and humanitarian efforts.

“I want a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians and everyone," Lopez added.

The rally was not just about expressing solidarity, it was also an opportunity for the community to engage in practical actions.

"I think that for me, it means that I get a chance to stand with my friends and with my family back in Israel who were affected by this horrible war," Hochman explained.

Adding, the local community will focus on building better connections.

"My dream is to establish a dialogue between the Muslim and the Jewish communities to join together," she said.

Rally in Kitchener, Ont. for hostages being held in Gaza. (Hannah Schmidt/CTV Kitchener)

Lopez expects to see a historic turnout in demonstrations organized across Canada in support of victims of the war, but also said more needs to be done on a national level.

"We need people at the top to be cool and rational and we need them to do what's right and think about the peace," he said. Top Stories

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