An upsetting allegation by the Guelph Humane Society.

An animal protection officer says a car drove through a flock of geese Saturday on Wellington Street East.

One goose died at the side of the road.

But according to Scott Frail this is not an isolated incident.

He receives reports of drivers hitting, or nearly hitting, geese with disturbing regularity.

The alleged incidents have sparked outrage in the community and on social media.

On one Facebook group a woman claims she witnessed a driver hit a goose on Wellington Street East. She wrote that it was “heartbreaking to watch.”

Witnesses are asked to immediately call police.

“If the animal is being deliberately struck and there’s ample opportunity to avoid the collision that would be of interest to us,” says Guelph Police Sgt. Lester Tang.

“They are protected animals,” says Frail. “It’s illegal to cause intentional harm to them. But then in the car, there’s no way to prove that they’re being intentionally targeted.”

The Humane Society says they can ease the suffering of the injured animal. Once they have healed they will be released back into the community or transferred for further treatment at a wildlife rehabilitation facility.