The community has begun rallying for a dog with a laundry-list of health issues, including a severe and unsightly skin infection.

The stray dog, who the KW Humane Society has named Milo, was found on Bluevale Street in Waterloo, near Bluevale Collegiate Institute.

Since, Milo has been treated for bacterial and yeast infections, possible external parasites including mange and infections in both of his ears.

He’s also been tentatively diagnosed with chronic, severe allergies and KCS, or "dry eye."

The humane society is still actively searching for the dog’s owner.

"We are seeking the public’s assistance to locate an owner for Milo," says Vivian Laflamme, inspector and animal protection manager, in a statement.

Until then, the dog will be under the humane society’s guardianship while he’s nursed back to health.

His medical care has already cost about $500, a number that is expected to rise.

"Looking at his needs over the next few months, we expect his medical and overall care costs to be significantly higher than the average animal that comes into our care," says Dr. Laurel Gale, a veterinary doctor.

The agency has begun fundraising, with a goal of raising about $1,500 to go toward the cost of his treatment.

The campaign, which began on July 18, had raised nearly $600 by the afternoon.