Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is putting out a call for people to participate in an online survey about cannabis.

The goal is to understand cannabis use behaviours and the impact.

“We know cannabis is out there and people are using it, but that use and those behaviours and how it’s impacting people, all that information needs to be collected,” WDGPH Medical Officer of Health Dr. Nicola Mercer told CTV News.

A map of cannabis stores from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario shows there are nearly two dozen cannabis stores in Guelph.

Many are centred around the downtown area on Wyndham Street.

“Ever since cannabis because legalized within Canada, there have obviously been changes in behaviour, and I don’t think anybody would not have noticed the number of cannabis stores which are popping up often,” said Mercer.

While the survey closes at the end of the month, Mercer says there are a few alarming trends emerging.

“We have always known about the effects of cannabis, but ever since it has become legalized, we’re seeing different people use cannabis,” Mercer said.

"We know that it is not completely benign. A very small percentage, but more than probably people would estimate, become cannabis dependent.”

According to Mercer, one of the groups of people are can be most impacted by cannabis use are those who use it to fall asleep at night.

She said using cannabis at night to fall asleep can have a damaging impact and alter your sleep.

“We’re also seeing pregnant women using cannabis while they’re pregnant in order to mitigate morning sickness.’

“This is really, strongly to be avoided. Cannabis is a drug -- we don’t encourage you to put a drug in your system, especially one like cannabis where all the impacts on the developing brain of the fetus are not known.”

Public health is inviting anyone 16 years of age or older in Wellington County, Dufferin County or the City of Guelph to participate.

The survey can be found by clicking here.