The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society is investigating a dog attack in Kitchener that left one dog with significant injuries.

It happened last week, as Anita MacKinnon was walking her dog Esme near their home.

As MacKinnon tells it, they were on the sidewalk when she heard a “little growl” from Esme.

At that point, MacKinnon says, another dog “bounded out” from a nearby garage.

“Before I could react, he had Esme in his mouth and he was shaking her violently,” she says.

MacKinnon says the other dog’s owner tried to get his dog off of Esme, but was unable to until a second person showed up to help.

“It was just shaking her like she was a rag doll,” she says.

“I couldn’t do anything to help her out, and I could just hear her screaming the whole time, in fear.”

Esme received 11 puncture wounds, and the bills for her care could end up running into the thousands of dollars.

The owner of the other dog doesn’t dispute that the attack happened. Where his account differs from MacKinnon’s, he says, is that Esme ran up his driveway and his dog attacked her out of self-defence.