A Guelph widow is heartbroken after the memorial flowers that she left for her late husband were stolen.

The worst part for Nadine Bell: this isn't the first time this has happened.

Bell's husband Paul was on his way to an appointment on May 14 when his mobility scooter was struck by a car at the intersection of Edinburgh Road North and Willow Road.

The 57-year-old man died of his injuries a week later. Nadine Bell has been leaving memorial flowers in memory of her husband in the same spot ever since.

She says that, for a second time, the silk flowers taped to the post near the crash site have been stolen.

"Have some respect for the person who has passed," she says. "Have some respect for the families and people that loved them. Note (the flowers), glory in how they look, but leave them be."

The first time the flowers disappeared was shortly after Paul passed away. The second time was just last week.

Nadine Bell says she visits that memorial every day, and is shocked that this has happened again.

Police say they are still investigating the crash and have not commented on whether charges are expected.