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Ghost Ride memorial held for cyclist killed in Kitchener


A 66-year-old man from Kitchener is being remembered by a group of cyclists.

Cycle WR held a memorial “Ghost Ride” on Sunday afternoon, that involved a white bicycle being pulled from Kitchener City Hall to the site of a fatal crash.

“There’s definitely a spike of people getting hit,” said Janice Jim, vice president of Cycle WR. “We’d really like public data. That way we can better understand the situation and see what needs to be changed.”

The white bike was prepared by Red Raccoon Bike Rescue in Kitchener before it was set up as part of a memorial on Victoria Street North.

“We need traffic calming measures, speed bumps, speed limit reductions, etc.” said Jim. “The solutions are already out there. A lot of other cities already have these solutions. We need to make these fixes before more people get hurt or injured.”

The group said they were also riding for a 23-year-old Cambridge woman who died following a crash on Friday. Top Stories

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