CAMBRIDGE -- Residents are putting pandemic protocols in place for garage sales despite grey guidelines.

Louise Burbidge says she was in need of retain therapy that online shopping wasn’t doing for her, so she went out scouring through garage sales in Cambridge on Saturday.

“You can’t get out to anything right now and I’m just hungry,” she said. “The thrill of the hunt, you always find something.”

As of Saturday, no yard sale guidelines have been put in place by the province. The Ministry of Health says people must follow the Reopening Ontario Act for gathering limits, which caps out at five outside with physical distancing in place.

Wren Scheidl hosted a garage sale outside his Cambridge home on Saturday and says it can be done safely.

“People are staying away from each other if they need to,” they said. “Family units are coming and moving through our display.

“It’s time to get back to doing normal things.”

Yard sales are currently not permitted in both Kitchener and Waterloo.

Meanwhile in Cambridge, Andrew Woods is making a profit off his sale just from odds and ends.

“Probably a couple hundred,” he said. “Can’t say for sure, I’m not counting it until the end, leaving it as a good surprise.”

Cambridge’s Sharing Squirrel, which buys and sells second hand items, says its stings that garage sales are allowed.

“It’s hard that someone can wake up on a Saturday and decide to run a little shop on their lawn but I can’t hope and do a similar type of things even if it’s outdoors in my parking lot,” said co-owner Laura Malek. “This lockdown for us has felt the longest, the heaviest, and the hardest.”