GUELPH -- A Guelph artists is displaying life-sized cartoons in shop windows and in front of her home to boost spirits amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It brings a smile to their face, it makes me feel good and I enjoy doing it," said artists Dorothy Amey.

From Minions cartoons sharing messages of thanks to front-line workers, to Spider-man asking the community to "hang in there," her art is boosting the spirits of those in the Guelph community.

"Especially children, it just, they need something to point to and say, you know, make them smile, make them feel good," Amey said.

For the past 15 years, Amey has been painting the window of a local dry cleaner and post office in Guelph.

"I'm not exaggerating, we get 10 to 15 people everyday, 'oh my God, it's so nice' and she just likes the people to enjoy it," said the store owner. "She just helps people smile and relax and enjoy something."

Residents unknown to Amey have even sent her thank-you cards, expressing gratitude for the artwork.

"We got a thank-you card the other day from someone we didn't even know," she said. "Another little boy sent a thank you, dropped a thank you off with a big bouquet of flowers because I did the superheroes out the front."