Girl with special needs told to leave Kitchener pool after using floatie

A family says they were asked to leave a Kitchener pool for allowing their daughter with special needs to use a pool floatie. They say a lifeguard came over to them after they had been there for hours, said the floatie was too big, and then told them all floaties were banned.

The Wheatons met with city officials at Kitchener City Hall on Wednesday. Mayor Berry Vrbanovic says there are things to be learned from instances like this one and that they can do better.

Father Chris Wheaton is pushing for different policies for kids with special needs, such as different wristbands to notify staff.

City meets with family over pool floaty

Some LRT payment hiccups as riders learn system, technical issues are worked out

After 11 days of free rides following its launch, the LRT has begun charging riders. Some say they were confused with what to press on the screens while others say the payment stations were malfunctioning.

A representative from GRT says they experience technical and unfamiliarity issues on the first days of payment. A grace period is in place which means offenders will only be given a warning instead of a $240 fine.


French fries, drooling, viral challenges: Kitchener home to ‘YouTube’s most gifted entertainer’

A screen grab of Ricky Berwick

YouTube sensation Ricky Berwick’s brand of comedy is outlandish with a side of slapstick. The Kitchener native has Beals-Hecht syndrome, which he says deforms his body and doesn’t allow him to fully extend his joints.

This doesn’t stop him from participating in viral challenges and garnering up to eight million views on his videos. The 27-year-old boasts 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Kitchener music fest offers free entrance to Roxodus ticketholders

Ticketholders of the cancelled Roxoudus music festival were greeted with open arms at SlamFest in Kitchener. The festival at Bingemans offered free entry for those who were wondering if they were going to get reimbursed their $

Days later, Eventbrite announced ticketholders would be getting their money back from them as they speak with the event planners.


Here’s what you can buy for the price of a detached home in Waterloo Region

A home in Halifax

It's no secret that prices are going up in Waterloo Region.

In June, the median price of a detached home hit $581,500.

Here's a look at what you can afford for the median price of a detached home in other major cities around the country.