Three Canadian flags were stolen from outside a hockey tournament held as an annual fundraiser for wounded veterans, organizers of the event say.

The Pte. Tyler W. Todd tournament brought hundreds of people to Plattsville over the Easter weekend.

Proceeds from the event went to support Wounded Warriors Canada, a non-profit group which helps veterans who were injured during their service.

The event raised more than $200,000 in its first six years, and the 2017 edition added another $70,000 to that total.

A regular guest at the fundraiser is artist Dave Sopha, whose “Portraits of Honour” oil painting pays tribute to the 158 Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, as Todd did.

Sopha also brought 158 Canadian flags to the event – three of which, organizers say, were taken at some point over the weekend.

Canadian flags

Each flagpole bears a name of one of the 158 soldiers.

Event organizers say they want whoever took the flags to get in contact with them so their return can be arranged.