GUELPH -- Protesters rallied outside the Guelph courthouse on Wednesday after a man charged with first-degree murder was released on bail.

Family and friends of Nick Tanti, who was stabbed to death in February, said they're upset the man accused of killing Tanti is out on bail while awaiting trial.

Aiden Kee, 26, was granted bail for $104,000 on Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm so upset," Nick's mom, Sharon, said outside the courthouse. "I'm disgusted."

Tanti, 27, was stabbed outside a downtown Guelph bar on Feb. 29. He was taken to hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

"I know his close friends will never recover from it," Nick's friend Danielle Wilson said.

Aiden Kee and his brother Angus Kee, 22, are both facing first-degree murder charges in Nick's death. At the time, police said they were all known to each other.

Angus was granted $75,000 bail in May.

Police escorted Aiden from the courthouse after his release.

"I am very disappointed in Canada's legal system," Sharon said. "It is not a legal system, it is a freedom system where you don't have to do anything at all and you get out on bail."

Defence lawyer Ari Goldkind, who isn't involved in the case, told CTV News Kitchener the circumstances are extremely rare.

"No matter what the charge is, our criminal code does not prevent bail on any charge where the circumstances warrant," Goldkind said.

Aiden's defence lawyer declined to comment to CTV News Kitchener. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 21.

Sharon said she'll continue to protest her son's accused killer's bail release. However, she said there aren't any plans at this point for another formal protest at Aiden's next appearance.