KITCHENER - The driver of a van involved in a crash that claimed the lives of two children was found guilty of failing to yield in a Stratford Court.

Mi-Kyung Park-Nadon was driving a minivan on the way home from an afternoon at the beach back in August of 2018.

She was headed toward Waterloo Region from Grand Bend when she failed to yield to a sign and crashed into an SUV.

The crash, which happened at Perth Line 26 and Perth Road 122, left two children dead and five other people injured.

The victims were her two-year-old son and her friend's 10-year-old son.

Court heard that the family of the 10-year-old boy who was killed had moved back to Korea.

"The outcome of this incident was extremely tragic for the defendant," the judge said. "She lost a child. And there was a loss of a child of a friend of hers."

The judge added that this was not a criminal offence, meaning she wasn't required to be in court on Tuesday.

She pleaded not guilty, but in court Tuesday, the judge found her guilty. Her lawyer did not contest the facts.

Park-Nadon was given a suspended sentence.