Songs written by a woman from Elora are helping children get through the pandemic.

The music is now available on a unique and interactive children’s album, called “Treetop Tunes” by Bonnie Pearson Hirdes.

“It was basically me wanting to share songs that I had developed as my son grew up with other things that might be of interest during these difficult times,” Hirdes said.

The free album is available on an app and comes with a video, colouring book, chords and lyrics.

“That app has original songs that I developed with the help of some local musicians, and artwork that was also developed by a local artist,” Hirdes said.

The album has helped children feel connected through the pandemic.

“It makes me know that I’m not alone and we’re all in this together,” said Saige Semaniuk, a young fan of the album.

“It gives them a shared activity that they can focus on and enjoy,” Hirdes said.