KITCHENER -- Many people were digging out Friday morning after a quick burst of heavy snow associated with a low pressure system swept across Ontario overnight.

Communities along the northern shores of Lake Superior saw 25 to 30 cm of the white stuff.

As of 8 a.m., roughly 18.5 cm of snow fell near Fergus.

In Kitchener and Waterloo, the total accumulation was roughly 7 cm.

Although it has been a milder start to winter, according to Environment Canada, the overall snowfall so far for Kitchener is actually slightly above average.

“As of the end of January our total's 102.9 cm of snow, and the average is actually 95.3 cm, so we're a little bit above,” said Rob Kuhn, a severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will continue to drop week in Waterloo Region.

Daytime highs will be around -10 degrees over the next few days, and when you factor in wind chill, Kuhn says prolonged exposure of unprotected skin means you could run the risk of frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.

“When the temperatures of the wind chill reaches about -28 degrees then frostbite is possible, and the wind chill, our extreme cold here for Waterloo Region and southwest Ontario is -30 degrees,” said Kuhn.

Local and provincial health authorities recommend outdoor exercise, and having the right winter gear is the best way to get outside and get a little fresh air.

“Dress in layers,” said Kuhn. “And make sure you're protected appropriately. If you're outside and active, you will warm up but make sure anything exposed is properly covered.”