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Crews take down historic tower as CTV Kitchener prepares to move


As the team here at CTV Kitchener works towards moving to our new location, it’s all hands on deck.

Our staff are learning the ropes at the new facility as we learn more about what our newscasts will look like in our new studio in south Kitchener

Tower demolition and dish removal was underway at the King Street station on Tuesday. A crew is working diligently to dismantle four dishes and our station’s distinctive tower.

The removal of the broadcast equipment marks an end of an era for CKCO-TV. Both the tower and dishes have belonged to the station from the start when we first hit the airwaves in 1954.

The work crew says the task at hand is straightforward and is expecting to finish up by Wednesday evening.

“Well. we disconnected the tower from it’s base, had the crane hooked up to the top, laid it down [and] now we're dismantling it and will load it into a trailer,” said Barry Lacroix,project supervisor. “Same with the dishes, we're lifting them off their concrete bases, cutting it down to size for transportation. All the non-recyclables, like the fibre glass, will go to the landfill and the steel will go to the scrapyard."

After 69 years at our King Street location, the team is ready to say goodbye to our long-time home and head to a new space in the coming weeks to start a new chapter.

To learn more about CKCO’s history, click here.


A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the tower as a "broadcast tower" it is, in fact, a microwave tower. Top Stories

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