KITCHENER -- Wilfrid Laurier University said a COVID-19 outbreak at the campus has expanded to a third residence floor.

The university also confirmed nine new COVID-19 cases in students on Thursday afternoon.

WLU said public health officials identified six more students living in Clara Conrad residence at the Waterloo campus who had tested positive for the disease. The cases are all related to the outbreak declared by Region of Waterloo Public Health on Oct. 12.

The region's COVID-19 dashboard lists 15 cases associated with that outbreak.

Students on three floors at the residence are required to self-isolate, according to WLU officials.

There are also three new confirmed cases in three other residence buildings: one in Waterloo College Hall, one in King's Court and one in 260 Regina.

Officials say they're taking direction on how to manage the cases from public health, including supporting contact tracing and isolation. Anyone identified as a high-risk contact will be contacted by public health.

In a statement to CTV News, WLU officials said the safety of students, employees and the community is their primary concern.

"We are taking direction from public health and taking all necessary actions to prevent the further spread of COVID," the statement said in part. "We will continue to reinforce with students the critical importance of not letting their guard down, and taking precautions outlined by public health to protect themselves."

"We will continue to actively communicate with our students about the preventative measures they need to take and to remind them that they should consider everyone they connect with can potentially have the virus."