Two Cambridge residents pleaded guilty Thursday to producing meth and to possessing meth for the purpose of trafficking it.

Cuong Vo and Trang Dang, a common-law couple, were arrested in December 2015.

At the time, police said that they had found a “fairly large” meth lab inside the couple’s home on Biscayne Drive.

Police officers spent multiple days at the house, wearing protective equipment as they removed barrels and other items from the basement.

In total, nearly four kilograms of crystal meth was seized – enough that it would have been worth about $320,000 if it was sold by the gram.

Court heard Thursday that Vo was the main meth producer of the couple, after getting into the business to support his own drug habit. Dang would occasionally help him out.

Sentencing for Vo and Dang has been scheduled for Aug. 28. The Crown and defence lawyers are expected to jointly recommend sentences of nine years in prison for Vo and four years in prison for Dang.

A Hamilton man who was charged in connection with the discovery of the meth lab had his charges dropped Thursday.

With reporting by Nicole Lampa