Behind schedule and losing money.

That’s how local farmers are describing the season so far.

“It’s been challenging,” said farmer George Voisin. “It started off cold and wet [in the spring] and now in this recent time it just turned hot and dry.”

Voisiin says that he may be selling his vegetables at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market now, but getting there wasn’t easy. He estimates he’s about two weeks behind schedule for his crop.

“It’s hard to recoup those two weeks because your customers are looking for your product,” said Voisin. “They’re used to getting it at a certain time.”

Farmer Ignacio Ruiz says his fruits have been slow this season too.

“The weather was so cold this spring,” he said. “It just started getting warm now.

“We need rain too.”

Farmers Market shoppers say they also aren’t too happy about the weather.

“Get out and enjoy it while we still have it,” one shopper said. “We had a pretty brutal winter so just try to enjoy the nice weather and drinks lots of water.”