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Cambridge, Ont. now home to Batman's secret hideout


Cambridge, Ont.-based Hacksmith Industries has taken the internet by storm yet again with their latest creation – the Batcave.

The YouTube sensations and engineering wizards take imaginary ideas from comics, movies or video games and create working prototypes. CTV Kitchener has caught up with Hacksmith Industries before, including for one of their most famous creations: a Star Wars lightsaber. 

The latest example of turning fiction into reality was prompted by a major Hollywood entertainment company.

"Warner Bros. approached us a few months ago, asking about making a video for World Batman Day on September 16. We decided to pitch them building a Batcave," said James Hobson, Hacksmith Industries CEO.

It was a tall task, given the short period of time they had to build it.

"We actually built this whole thing in about eight weeks flat. It was almost all hands on," Hobson said.

The caped crusader's secret quarters was made out of shipping containers.

It's hidden in plain sight until you walk inside one of the containers and see the Batman logo on a secret door.

The D.C. comic comes to life with the rev of a generator and flick of a switch, as the rows of lights illuminate the secret hideout.

From replica Batman suits, to newspaper clippings from Gotham, everything inside feels authentic.

"This is actually a rapelling hook I designed that looks like a bat," said Hobson, holding one of the pieces he created for the cave.

The whole thing was also made without a Bruce Wayne-like budget, but it still cost James Hobson and Hacksmith Industries $60,000.

"I don’t think I've gotten the real-life Bruce Wayne comparison yet. I'm not a billionaire yet, unfortunately. I'm barely a millionaire, but I have definitely gotten the real-life Tony Stark quite a few times," Hobson said.

That comparison may not be an exaggeration considering he's even made an Iron Man repulsor.

When it comes to their latest creation, the team has extended it beyond the Batcave walls.

One door leads to a scaled-down version of Gotham City, offering a glimpse into the superhero's working quarters and his entire world.

The plan is to eventually open the Batcave up as more of a public space for tours and events. But for now, it remains as Batman's best kept secret. Top Stories

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