MacFarlane, MacLennan, MacDougall, MacDowell and MacRae.

Those were just a few of the family names proudly represented at the Cambridge Scottish Festival in Churchill Park.

The event is an annual tradition dating back to 1975.

It's a weekend where families of Scottish ancestry can celebrate and honour their roots.

“A lot of them came from fairly hard backgrounds,” says Bob Archibald of Brantford. “They weren’t wealthy. They appreciated the opportunity they got [to come to Canada], but they always remembered where they came from.”

Rory Sinclair’s family came to Canada in 1848. He has a unique perspective on the passage of time. “We meet all the other clans that we used to rob and murder. Now we get along pretty well.”

The festival also featured traditional performances from pipers, drummers, and dancers.

The heavy events are also a crowd favourite.

With reporting by Randy Steinman