The target of a “grandparent scam” was able to avoid becoming a victim, Oxford County police say.

Police say a South West Oxford Township resident got a phone call from a male pretending to be her grandson. He said he had been in a collision and needed $12,000 to be released on bail.

The target realized it was a scam and confronted the caller, who stuck to his story and asked for the money to be sent right away.

That’s when police were called.

"You work hard for your money, so work hard to protect it. Do not hand it over to a smooth talking con artist. Fraud is a multi-billion dollar per year business that will only stop when the con artists stop making money," says Insp. Tony Hymers in a press release.

Oxford County OPP is reminding residents to stay vigilant and be aware of unsolicited requests for money.

You should never send someone money after a call like this without being in contact with a family member first.

It’s not known if police have any suspects in this incident.