LEAMINGTON, Ont. - The federal government has finalized a settlement offer with the Caldwell First Nation in southwestern Ontario.

The settlement of the 200-year-old land claim provides the First Nation with $105 million.

Its members will be able to buy up land, as it becomes available, in their quest to acquire about 25 square kilometres and have it designated a reserve.

The claim related to reserve land and other benefits promised in a 1790 treaty, as well as land at Point Pelee, Ont., that was promised during the War of 1812.

In January of 2010, the two sides announced a proposed settlement. First Nations members approved it last August, and the federal government approved it this month.

Chief Louise Hillier says they're most interested in buying land around Leamington, close to Point Pelee, to establish a reserve. She says it will take a while.

"We will have to purchase from willing sellers," Hillier said.

"The possibility that we'll receive one huge block of land at any point, I don't believe is going to happen."