KITCHENER -- A new study reveals that kids are having difficulty coping with online learning since schools across the country were closed two months ago in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Seventy-one per cent of kids aged 10 to 17 surveyed by the Angus Reid Institute said that “bored” is the emotion they’ve been feeling the most over the last few weeks.

The research also shows that, while 75 per cent of kids said they’re able to keep up with the online lessons, 60 per cent said they felt unmotivated and 57 per cent said they disliked the current learning arrangements.

For Preston Sauciukas, a Grade 7 student from Brantford, studying from home has been challenging.

“It’s really hard to focus because I have siblings and stuff all around the place,” he says.

“My mom isn’t really a teacher, so she doesn’t know much about what I’m doing and when I have to ask her questions usually she’s dealing with my brother or sister.”

As physical distancing measures continue, 54 per cent of students surveyed said their friends are what they miss the most.

When asked how they feel about returning to school, the response from students was mixed.

Twenty-six per cent said they would be happy about it, 38 per cent said they feel “okay” about it and 36 per cent responded that they are not looking forward to it.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce is expected to give an update about the rest of the school year in the coming days.