Police say search crews in Woodstock found a body buried in the rubble of a three story apartment building on Tuesday afternoon.

The families of both missing persons have been notified, as police have not yet been able to identify which of the two it may be.

Margaret Gillett, 73, and Bill Watmough, 79, were unaccounted for following the massive explosion and fire.

Woodstock Police Chief Rod Freeman says "Police and fire investigators searching the scene of Sunday's explosion and fire, discovered the remains of one victim. The coroner's office was notified and arrived after shortly after 6 p.m. to view the scene and the remains."

Further removal of the rubble using heavy equipment has stopped until the body can be removed from the site. It is then expected to be transported to London, Ont. for forensic identification.

Police say it could be days before the second body is located, as the painstaking search continues.

The family of Margaret Gillett spent much of the day at the scene of the explosion.

Family friend Shelly Scatinello reminisced about her former babysitter, and calls the situation "really sad."

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of Sunday morning's blast, but there is no indication that criminal activity was involved.

Investigators say they are looking into natural gas service and the associated appliances in connection with the blast, but it will be some time before the cause can be determined.

Reports now say the building may never be safe to reenter due to the heavy damage.