More information is coming to light about the latest BlackBerry-branded phone.

The Key2 is being produced by TCL, which has a licensing agreement with BlackBerry and also manufactured the KeyOne.

The device is being touted as the first BlackBerry-branded phone with dual rear-facing cameras and a front-facing camera. It has a physical keyboard, which is said to be 20 per cent larger than the keyboard on the KeyOne.

Another new feature is the “speed key,” which allows users to pull up their shortcuts with one press of a button.

Waterloo-based BlackBerry says the phone also offers “a thinner and lighter design” and a battery that can last for 25 hours of mixed use on a single charge.

No Canadian carriers have publicly announced plans to sell the Key2. The company says pre-orders will start later this month.

BlackBerry has transitioned away from manufacturing in recent years, focusing instead on secure software for vehicles and other systems.