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'91 open investigations': Tracking number given to people for Stanley cup orders belongs to Wilmot, Ont. woman


An Ontario woman got more than she bargained for after buying a pair of the popular Stanley drinking tumblers.

Tracy Kampferseck, who lives in Wilmot Township,ordered them as a Valentine’s Day gift for her and her daughter.

Since making that purchase last Tuesday, she’s received messages from people around the country saying their Stanley orders were delivered to her home – even though they never were.

It all started when Kampferseck received a call from a man introducing himself as someone who ordered a Stanley drinking cup as a Valentine’s Day present for his girlfriend.

“My phone starting ringing,” she recalled. “I never answer my phone, but this number kept calling and calling.”

The man then told her his package was delivered to her house.

Kampferseck told him that wasn’t the case and the only cups she had were the two she ordered for herself and daughter for Valentine’s Day.

Over the next hours and days, there were knocks at her door from UPS workers looking for packages dropped off by accident, as well as Facebook messages from strangers explaining similar mix-ups.

Through those social media conversations, Kampferseck learned customers were mistakenly given her tracking number. So it would appear on their end that their packages were being delivered to her home.

Stanley shoppers used that tracking information to get her address and personal information from UPS, which is how they got in touch with her in the first place.

Then the panic began to set in.

Kampferseck wondered how many others might be involved.

“They said there’s 91 open investigations […] relating to my tracking number,” Kampferseck explained, referencing one conversation where a stranger was relaying what UPS told them after wondering where their package went. “So at that point I’m super worried that people are going to show up at my door. Or that the truck driver stole my shipment. I have no idea.”

Kampferseck has been in contact with a representative from the UPS location in Kitchener, Ont.

She said the employee launched an internal investigation after receiving confused calls from people with her tracking information from as far away as Newfoundland.

Kampferseck hasn’t heard back from Stanley, which generates the tracking numbers.

“I’ve been calling them every single day asking for an update and all they’re telling me over the phone is that it’s under investigation and someone will get back to me,” she said.

CTV News Kitchener has reached out to both UPS and Stanley representatives, including PMI Worldwide – the parent company of Stanley.

UPS did say they’re looking into the situation. CTV News did not hear back from Stanley as of late Monday afternoon.

Kampferseck said she had to give the Stanley cup to her daughter before Valentine’s Day so she could speak openly with her family about the ongoing fiasco, although it took some time for Kampferseck to drink from her own.

“It literally sat on my island for two days before I finally washed it and put it to use because I’m angry about the whole situation.”

Kampferseck continues to wait for answers from Stanley about how so many people received her tracking numbers, as well as an explanation from UPS about why her personal information was given out. Top Stories

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