WOODSTOCK - A Woodstock woman is running a donation drive by filling a hearse with items for the homeless.

Celina Myers owns the hearse, so it's not unusual to see her driving around town with it. It's the second hearse she owns, which she bought on Kijiji.

"A lot of people look at it and think, 'she's weird.' But I want them to think 'she's weird, but she also is nice,'" says Myers.

She is asking for basic essentials and warm clothing for her Fill the Hearse with Love Drive.

Myers says she's wanted to help ever since she was a child and has noticed an increase of homelessness in Woodstock.

She plans to help in surrounding areas like Kitchener, Ingersoll, London and Brantford.

"We've even had people online from Michigan wanting to mass bulk send us ready-to-eat meals," Myers says.

Businesses have reached out and people have even stopped by her house to donate. She also has the support of her husband, Adam Myers.

"She gets these ideas and we roll forward with them," he says.

Her goal is to fill the hearse with 50 backpacks and then refill it as many times as she can.