A day out in the sun for the couple quickly turned into a frightening ordeal

Waterloo Regional Police say the woman was sitting in at Victoria Park near the water, when her wheelchair suddenly rolled into the lake. 

Her husband jumped into the water to try and save her but then he ran into trouble himself. 

Luckily a passer-by was there to help, Jamie Nightingale saw the pair struggling and quickly jumped in the lake along with two other men and pulled the pair to safety. 

“Her face was under the water for about 30 seconds til I got her out and there was two other gentlemen there to help me pull her out as I was underneath pushing. ….she was conscious, but she wasn't moving at all.”says Nightingale.

EMS arrived at the scene a short time later.  Both the man and woman are okay, but the woman was treated at Grand River hospital for minor injuries.