GUELPH -- One Guelph woman plans to go overseas and literally walk in her father's footsteps after he gave her a book written in detail about his time at war.

Except for what she's seen in pictures, Karen Hunter never knew much about her father's time in the Second World War.

That's why Hunter was shocked when her 80-year-old father at the time presented her with his memoirs.

"When I was growing up he never really talked about it, much like most Canadian veterans," she says.

She was so inspired by what was on the pages that she dug further and found his war diary.

Hunter has planned a pilgrimage trip to the Netherlands for the country's 75th liberation anniversary in the spring.

She started a journey called 'In My Father's Footsteps' on social media and the feedback has been phenomenal.

"In My Father's Footsteps became In Our Fathers' Footsteps and I decided to invite 200 people to join me," she said.

The journey will include real battlefield guides who will explain what it was like for the almost 8,000 Canadians who helped free the Dutch.

Just as the troops did, the group plans to walk in platoons, eat from mess kits and have a real military atmosphere. And they will end their 60-kilometre journey with a celebration.

Bookings for hotels and flights to the Netherlands are selling out fast, so if anyone wants to join Hunter on the journey, here is a link to the In Our Fathers' Footsteps Facebook page and the website.