Wilmot Township council is fighting flooding issues by pushing forward a project to create a carbon sink and wetland space.

Council voted unanimously Monday night in favour of going forward with a project that will see a carbon sink created, allowing flood waters to spill over onto land and creating a wetland space in the community.

The development is planned for New Hamburg just off of Catherine Street, along the banks of the Nith River.

Coun. Angie Hallman says she compares the project to the Huron Natural Area wetlands in Kitchener, with walkways for residents to enjoy the new space.

Long-time Wilmot resident and developer Mike Schout has played a big role in pushing the project forward.

He's donating $1.5 million toward the project, workig with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

The township and the region are hoping to leverage that money in order to access charitable and environmental funding.

They're hoping to raise a total of $3 million, including the donation from Schout.